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Social Media Listening

Social media is a loud and busy place. With so much being shared - and with so many pesky bots roaming about - it’s hard to know where you stand. But, with the right insight and analysis delivered in real-time, you can use social engagement data to grow your community and improve your business and marketing strategies.

Skyrocket your socials
Find out where you are having the most interactions, understand what content resonates with your audience, and leverage your competitors’ performance - and mistakes - to boost your own campaigns.
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Sentiment Analysis

When protecting your organization’s reputation or managing an issue, you need to understand media sentiment quickly and accurately. Truescope provides story and entity sentiment scores that assess positive, negative, and mixed elements to help you interpret tone correctly and see your world more clearly.

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Comprehensive Data

Truescope’s comprehensive highly accurate data gives you the confidence that everything is being monitored across mainstream and social media sources, so you get the full picture. And we’re continually adding new sources

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Smart Filters

We’re certain you don’t have time to trawl millions of media sources. Customizable smart filters connect you to the information you need quickly so you can make informed decisions. You can use them across media platforms, geos and languages to narrow your search and refine your results.

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Easy-to-build Ddashboards put you in the driving seat. Filtered data, visualizations of key metrics, actionable insights, all delivered in a real-time media analysis dashboard you can customize. Create as many as you need and pull highlights directly into reports to demonstrate impact and save time.

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Media Items
Switching between social channels takes time. With Truescope everything’s inside the platform, including relevant data for each media item, like potential audience and social engagement. You can play social video and audio clips there and save hours by quickly understanding your impact.

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