Our technology brings understanding across multiple content sources in real time

Truescope integrates and transforms data, regardless of media type, volume or language, into a single, coherent, searchable asset. Each piece of data is enriched through machine learning and natural language processing to provide communication insights.


People, companies and places are  extracted and loaded into a knowledge graph to surface hidden connections.


Technology that monitors researched influencers across social and mainstream media that have an impact on corporate reputation, industry, policy and issues.


Media items are clustered into stories to save time while triaging the latest media, relevant to your industry and competitive landscape.


The recommendation engine learns from your access to information to identify important mentions in the media noise.

Cut through the noise.

Information recommendations powered by AI.

There is a lot of noise in the media cycle;  there are stories that will have an impact on your decisions and communications strategies and there is a lot of rubbish that isn't required for a communications professional. We have harnessed the power of modern technologies, including AI, to analyse and recommend media information that impacts your brand, reputation, policy or competitor.


We are augmenting human intelligence, not replacing it.

Technology is massively important in the way we deliver insights to our customers, but critically it's our people that make the difference. 

We are building a team with the most experienced media intelligence people and experts from data related industries to enhance the experience for our customers.  Truescope brings intelligence, people and data together to empower our solution.  As people collaborate on the platform, share data and provide system feedback, they create and grow a body of shared media intelligence for our customers.

Technology Team

Our technology team is building the next generation platform for media intelligence.

Media Analysts

Our media analysts bring deep sector knowledge to pre-build industry insights.

Customer Success

Our customer success people are thinking ahead of their customers’ needs.



Help change the future of media intelligence

Join our talented team that combines practical experiences in media with big data processing, A.I., user experience design and data science so our clients can be better informed in their communications.

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