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Brand Management

Whether you’re managing your own company brand or you’re responsible for managing the brands of a huge portfolio of clients, you need to be fully informed about public perceptions and sentiment at all times. You simply can’t manage what you can’t see. That’s why seeing your world more clearly is crucial to your brand’s success.

Stay active, stay healthy
Waiting until a crisis is right on top of you before taking action is no longer an option. With Truescope, you can keep track of brand health constantly. Instant access to millions of sources and opinions means you're the first to know if you or your clients are mentioned negatively. And you can ensure your market messaging always aligns with current consumer opinions.
Create new opportunities
Brand management isn't just about protecting your reputation— it's also about finding ways to boost it. Truescope scours the web and analyzes data from social media platforms, news media, podcasts, and more so that you can identify exciting opportunities and increase your market share. Benchmark your brand amongst competitors and optimize your content strategy to capitalize on current trends. Protect your brand and, more importantly, propel it forward, all with intelligently simple Truescope solutions. With all this in your hands, you're not just keeping pace with the market - you're outmaneuvering it.
The key solutions and features to make your world clearer
Sentiment Analysis

When protecting your organization’s reputation or managing an issue, you need to understand media sentiment quickly and accurately. Truescope provides story and entity sentiment scores that assess positive, negative, and mixed elements to help you interpret tone correctly and see your world more clearly.

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Easy-to-build Ddashboards put you in the driving seat. Filtered data, visualizations of key metrics, actionable insights, all delivered in a real-time media analysis dashboard you can customize. Create as many as you need and pull highlights directly into reports to demonstrate impact and save time.

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Media Items
Switching between social channels takes time. With Truescope everything’s inside the platform, including relevant data for each media item, like potential audience and social engagement. You can play social video and audio clips there and save hours by quickly understanding your impact.

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