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There are so many different elements that influence a marketing strategy. Things change quickly and, in order to do your job well, you need to see and understand these changes as and when they occur.

That’s why the Truescope Dashboard is built to include real-time visualizations of all the key metrics that influence your world. From share of voice and engagement data, to sentiment analysis, key influencers, and many more, you can have everything you need to make informed, intelligent decisions in one centralized place.

Customize, visualize, and optimize 

See things clearly with instant insights on your real-time media analysis dashboard. Identify trends and benchmark your performance against competitors with interactive charts and timelines. You can even customize your dashboard to track your team’s performance and receive intel about your world, your way.

Share important  information in a click
Need to get a colleague instantly up to speed? Want to share some key elements with clients or stakeholders without overwhelming them with detailed reports? You can export the Truescope Dashboard in its entirety or cherry-pick the bits you want to share. You can even include elements of your dashboard results in reports at the click of a button. No fuss, no complicated formatting, just ready-made, intelligently simple information at your fingertips.

Invest in a media intelligence service that will make your world clearer!

Truescope delivers comprehensive media monitoring and media analysis across all media types. Truescope has become the media monitoring service clients now use to see their communications world more clearly.
No Limiting Restrictions: Truescope doesn’t limit clients to a fixed number of searches or users and allows subscribers the ability to build their own queries for real-time results.
More Results / Less Noise: Our comprehensive approach to monitoring all media, from online news and social media, to traditional print and broadcast media, delivers a uniquely integrated solution for our clients.
Brand Tracking or Reputation Management: Regardless of your mission, Truescope provides the flexibility, tools and media analytics to meet all applications for public relations and corporate communications.
Customized Dashboards and Reports: By using the latest technology in the industry, Truescope lets you see your world more clearly.
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