Make confident decisions with real time competitive insights

By having a 360-degree view of your competitive landscape, Truescope allows you to uncover crucial information about your market, and gain insights on risks and opportunities to help you make decisions with confidence.

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Uncover instant market insights and stay ahead of the game
Access our best-in-class suite of market intelligence tools to uncover actionable insights about your brand, products, competitors and their leadership position.
The pulse on your coverage sentiment
Don't rely on aggregate sentiment to understand what people are saying about your company online.  Gain a deep and broad understanding of the sentiment around your competitors and their people with sentence level analysis and smart filters.
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Understand what content resonates with your audience
Engagement data shows where you and your competitors are having the most interactions across social and online media.   Leverage your competitors’ performance to create more successful campaigns, grow your community and improve your business strategies.
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Know where you stand with instant, interactive insights
Interactive charts and timelines measure your content's share of voice relative to competitors and benchmark your brand awareness against the market.  Include sentiment and engagement to add context to your competitor research and analysis.
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Stay ahead of the competition with competitive intelligence
Stay ahead of the competition with the most comprehensive competitor intelligence tools on the market. Gain insights that will help you build your communications strategy and make smarter business decisions.

View competitor activity by geography

Know where your competitor activity is located and how they’re reaching customers so you can make smarter decisions to grow your business.

Be the first to know with Spike Alerts

Be alerted in real time to unusual changes in coverage mentioning your organization, competitors and industry.

Discover new risks and opportunities

Key phrases, emoji and hashtag analysis help you deep dive into topics on competitor activity and highlight product development opportunities.

Identify the most impactful authors and channels

Boost your competitor insights by identifying the leading authors and channels generating the most engagement for each organization. With a few clicks, you can uncover what the audience is talking about and shape a better-informed perspective.
Separating the signal from the noise
Truescope surfaces the people, organizations and locations in coverage to easily filter and visualize what's being said about your competitors and their people in coverage. We highlight these details to provide a more explicit view on the attitudes and opinions that could affect your company, brand or issues
Find out how Truescope can help you collect competitive intelligence.
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Our purpose is to make your world clearer.
Our customers tell us that integrating data from multiple sources, having real-time insights, reports they can customize and the reassurance of a client success team always willing to go the extra mile makes it easier to stay informed. But don’t take it from us. Hear from those who use the Truescope platform how they are overcoming challenges, reaching goals and getting better results without taking time away from their roles.

"Our goal at Access Communications as an agency is to be able to effectively multi-task and deliver positive results to all our brand partners. Great time management is always one of our top priorities and having a partner like Truescope helps us achieve our goals efficiently. The account servicing team is also one of the most prompt and reactive folks we have encountered in the industry."

Access Communications

"Truescope has allowed us to monitor news across our 8 key markets. Having used them since they first launched, we have seen constant updates to the platform, improving the ease of use, while providing many features. We also appreciate having a Client Success Executive who is always prompt to assist with any support or guidance, and goes the extra mile with solutions for our needs."


“Truescope has proven itself to be an invaluable partner for the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in understanding its position within today’s modern media landscape. The organisation is pleasant to work with, and have been steadfast in providing follow-ups to the academy’s requests and queries. Truescope brings an intangible benefit to NAFA’s workflow and we look forward to more years’ of great working experiences with them."

Corporate Communications Office, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
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Truescope has the sole focus of making your job easier. We provide data-driven insights, powerful reporting tools and analytics, and have a dedicated client team that cares about your success.
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The most accurate media monitoring results

Automated, customized, beautiful reports

Customer service as an extension of your team

Intuitive, easy-to-use platform

Comprehensive social listening & media monitoring

No surprise auto-renewals

Competitive pricing

No hassle client agreements

Unlimited number of included Dashboard

Blazingly fast application load times

Invest in a media intelligence service that will make your world clearer!

Truescope delivers comprehensive media monitoring and media analysis across all media types. Truescope has become the media monitoring service clients now use to see their communications world more clearly.
No Limiting Restrictions: Truescope doesn’t limit clients to a fixed number of searches or users and allows subscribers the ability to build their own queries for real-time results.
More Results / Less Noise: Our comprehensive approach to monitoring all media, from online news and social media, to traditional print and broadcast media, delivers a uniquely integrated solution for our clients.
Brand Tracking or Reputation Management: Regardless of your mission, Truescope provides the flexibility, tools and media analytics to meet all applications for public relations and corporate communications.
Customized Dashboards and Reports: By using the latest technology in the industry, Truescope lets you see your world more clearly.
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