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The New Normal: Truescope's Pioneering Approach to Post-Covid Media Monitoring

Todd Murphy, Truescope President

The post-Covid world has witnessed a seismic shift in the way businesses operate, communicate, and engage with their audiences. This transformation has been particularly profound in the world of media intelligence, where Truescope has emerged as a pioneer, reshaping tools and strategies to meet the new and evolving needs of communication professionals. As the president of Truescope, with a rich experience spanning three decades in the media monitoring and analysis industry, I've seen firsthand how our innovative approach is revolutionizing the field.

Adapting to Post-Covid Communication Trends

The pandemic fundamentally altered professional communication tactics. Traditional methods of media relations and earning media exposure changed. To meet this change, media monitoring and public relations analysis, while still relevant, required a rapid evolution to adapt to the new digital-first, remote-working world. Truescope recognized this change as not just a challenge but an opportunity to innovate and meet the emerging needs of communicators. Our tools are designed to provide insights that are critical for communication professionals who are navigating these uncharted waters.

Truescope media monitoring dasbhoard and insights

Truescope's Advanced Technology: A Game-Changer

Our response to the post-Covid era's demands was to accelerate the development of advanced technologies we imagined in 2019. By integrating sophisticated AI and natural language processing into our media monitoring and PR measurement tools, we have created solutions that are not just reactive but predictive. This forward-thinking technology equips PR professionals with the ability to anticipate trends, manage crises more effectively, and engage with their audiences in real-time.

Supporting the Pre and Post-Covid Workforce

One of Truescope’s key strengths lies in our ability to cater to both the pre and post-Covid workforce. For those who are well-versed in traditional media intelligence methods, our platform offers an easy transition to more advanced, tech-driven solutions. For the new generation of PR professionals and those using newer tactics, Truescope's intuitive and innovative tools are in sync with the digital-first approach, making the work more efficient and effective.

The Rise of Truescope in a Post-Covid World

The popularity of Truescope in the post-Covid era is a testament to our commitment to developing tools that are not just relevant but essential for today's communication professionals. Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of this rapidly changing world, where agility, speed, and accuracy are paramount. We’ve engineered our tools and reports to allow our users to do nearly anything needed with only two mouse clicks, or less. This saves users time so they can focus on more mission critical tasks.

Truescope enhances search queries with artificial intelligence

Conclusion: Leading the Way in Media Intelligence

The evolution of media intelligence in the past four years has been extremely dramatic, and Truescope has been at the forefront of this change. By embracing advanced technology and understanding the unique challenges of the new business climate, we have developed tools that are indispensable for communication and PR professionals

As we continue to innovate and lead the way, Truescope remains committed to empowering our clients with the tools they need to excel in this new world. We haven’t combined disparate tools from the past 20 years. Truescope has built a new public relations software set for today’s work… for today’s professional communicator.

Get to know the media monitoring service clients love to use

Truescope delivers comprehensive media monitoring and media analysis across all media types. Truescope has become the media monitoring service clients now use to see their communications world more clearly.
No Limiting Restrictions: Truescope doesn’t limit clients to a fixed number of searches or users and allows subscribers the ability to build their own queries for real-time results.
More Results / Less Noise: Our comprehensive approach to monitoring all media, from online news and social media, to traditional print and broadcast media, delivers a uniquely integrated solution for our clients.
Brand Tracking or Reputation Management: Regardless of your mission, Truescope provides the flexibility, tools and media analytics to meet all applications for public relations and corporate communications.
Customized Dashboards and Reports: By using the latest technology in the industry, Truescope lets you see your world more clearly.
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