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Truescope's Todd Murphy appointed President of FIBEP

Omaha, Nebraska (Nov, 14, 2023)

The Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse (FIBEP), a global media intelligence membership association, has elected Todd Murphy, President of Truescope, as President of its new Board of Directors. 

"Todd was the obvious choice for FIBEP president and had full support from the Board and members," said Thomas Vejlemand, CEO of Infomedia and previous FIBEP Board president. "He is highly respected in our industry as a thought leader with outstanding experience, leadership and networking capabilities. Todd has the skills to refine vision and strategy in a changing market environment, which requires focus on copyright regulation, new technologies, AI and new market trends.” 

With over 130 members in 60 countries, FIBEP is a longstanding resource for industry leaders seeking globally driven, enterprise-scale solutions in media and news monitoring, media analysis, public relations (PR) distribution, journalist databases, consulting services and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. 

“I am truly humbled to lead FIBEP into the future. With the rapid emergence of incredibly advanced technology, we are at a juncture that presents unprecedented growth opportunities as an industry. As leaders navigating this significant evolution, it is a more critical time than ever for fostering connection and collaboration on a global scale through FIBEP,” said Todd Murphy, Truescope president. 

Murphy is the first member from North America to lead the FIBEP organization in over 30 years. He joined the FIBEP Board in 2021 as Vice President and has been an active member since 2016. 

“FIBEP member engagement and value will continue to be my primary focus. Specifically, I have already begun to establish a broad-based, global committee to consider the implications of media regulations, copyrights and royalty issues as they impact our members and our content-owning partners,” said Murphy. “News and media have evolved to the point where we are all working on the same issues and objectives. This helps clients gain valuable intelligence for more effective media monitoring, branding and communication.” 

Murphy’s career in the media and communication industry spans more than three decades. He has had several notable career accomplishments, including developing groundbreaking services that provide actionable data insights for communication practitioners. Murphy created the first multi-channel media monitoring software for broadcast media and comparative media analysis reports for industries. 

He continues to innovate new technologies at Truescope. He was named President of Truescope North America in 2023, following Truescope’s acquisition of media intelligence organization Universal Information Services, where Murphy had been owner and CEO since 2016. 

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