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Using social engagement for industry insight

Using social engagement for industry insight

By Sarah Phillips, CX & Product Lead

For those of us working in online communication, you more than likely know a thing or two about social media engagement, and are tracking it on your owned content. But how deeply are you assessing social media engagement in your competitive space in order to strengthen your communications strategy?

In essence, social engagement indicates how people are interacting with any piece of content online, which may be owned or earned brand mentions of you and your competitors, via Likes, Favorites, Comments, Replies, Shares and Retweets.

In addition to listening to what people are saying about your brand online, social engagement metrics go deeper, providing insights into your broader competitive space, topics of interest and industry trends, to help you better understand your audience.

So how can you use social engagement metrics in your media monitoring platform and how is it useful? Read on!

Getting the most out of social engagement metrics

Social engagement metrics can help you to surface and focus on the conversations that are most important, quickly and accurately.

Truescope works with social enterprises to access their public content, bringing you comprehensive access to the conversations happening in your industry in online news, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and Reddit, all in real-time. You can use social media engagement metrics on the analytics Dashboard to surface data-based insights to drive strategies, capitalise on emerging opportunities and focus your comms efforts where it matters.

For example, you’ll have access to:

  • Channel and author insights - know which typically receive the most engagement or are driving the conversation for your industry, and compare content success with different channels and authors (see Chart 1 below)
  • Companies, brands and people insights - understand within your industry which typically attract the most engagement and the topics being discussed
  • Geographic location insights - compare locations mentioned in coverage and social media engagement for the coverage
  • Emerging problem identification - look for spikes in conversations and declining sentiment
  • Social engagement V potential impressions - to better understand the scale and likely impact of a discussion (see Chart 2 below)
  • Compare the success of your content pieces and understand best times to post, and topics of most interest, for your target audience
Chart 1 - social engagement by author

Chart 2: Potential impressions V social engagement over time

By understanding your industry’s social media landscape - the content people are engaging in across owned and earned media for your brand and that of your competitors - you can direct efforts in the conversations that matter, foster an engaged online community and ultimately grow your audience and loyal brand fans.

If you’re ready to use social engagement metrics to look beyond the number of Likes and access a holistic, data-backed view of your industry to make better informed decisions, contact us today at

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