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Universal to Truescope: The Great Migration

By Todd Murphy, President, Truescope North America

As many readers of my posts would know, we’ve had quite the eventful start to 2023. Universal Information Services is now Truescope North America.

As I settle into the role of President for North America, I am exceptionally proud that our client success  team has successfully migrated all our clients to the Truescope platform. This achievement comes just a few months after the merger was announced, and although a platform migration could be cause for disruption to our clients’ business and needs, we continue to receive  very positive feedback regarding our dedicated service, new capabilities, enhanced insights, and superb platform design. I have to admit, the success of the Truescope platform exceeded even my own expectations.

“Truescope is so fast, they process the broadcast content before news stations have a chance to get it up on their website.”  Angela Nemeth, Kiewit Corporation

The success of the migration can be largely attributed to our great  team that we have in place. Universal, having been in business for 115 years, and myself for over 30 years, it is no great revelation, but we have learned that success truly depends on surrounding oneself with the best people. Jean Saucier, now Senior Vice President of Truescope North America, joined me eight years ago, and together we have grown our team with other great people. This year, we joined forces with Truescope and merged with another quality team led by CEO John Croll. We have also brought in Rick Lomabardo, a seasoned media intelligence professional. Rick is driving outstanding growth for our company. Our team is made up of the best in the industry, and they have all played significant roles in making our migration a success.

Of course, the migration has not been without its challenges, and our biggest challenge was time. In just 90 days, we needed to make a clean break from our legacy systems without losing content, move our clients in a way that would not alienate them, and train them quickly so they could realize all the great benefits of our new platform as soon as possible. Thanks to our team's hard work, and our clients' interest in an enhanced user experience, we were able to achieve a lot in a very short period of time.

The greatest success of the migration has been that effectively every client has given the new platform rave reviews based on its ease of use, comprehensive content, customized morning reports, and especially the dynamic dashboards. Everyone loves the insights from the dashboards. We suspected they would love the platform, but it is fulfilling to have it confirmed. Another great surprise has been the speed and volume of new business growth. We were confident it would be a game changer, but we are winning clients at a faster pace than we anticipated, which is always fun. The team has been extremely busy, morale is high, and the energy and excitement of the transition to Truescope are keeping our people passionate about their work. However, I believe that “rest and reload” is important, and I am now encouraging them to take extended breaks and time off. We encourage a healthy environment, both in body and mind.

We are looking ahead at what's next for Truescope North America, and there will be no slowing down in Q2 and beyond. We are excited about the fantastic pipeline of leads and product innovations we have. We are still training clients and onboarding new clients, and I will be on the conference circuit for a few months to find out what our clients are doing and what they need. This will help us glean insights that are helpful for our company's growth as we plan and prioritize our innovation pipeline.

Our migration to Truescope was a significant achievement, and I am grateful for my team's hard work and dedication as well as the partnerships from our wonderful clients. We overcame challenges and exceeded our expectations, and we are excited about what is to come. 

If you’d like to join our team on the ride, reach out to me at and stay tuned for more updates!

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