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Trump Guilty Verdicts: Media Monitoring Underscores Political Divide

Truescope Dives Deep into Media Coverage After Trump's Guilty Verdicts

In a groundbreaking turn of events, former President Donald Trump's 34 felony convictions reverberated across all media platforms, igniting intense discourse and revealing stark political divides. Truescope applied a comprehensive media monitoring and analysis framework to evaluate this ruling, extracting insights from the media exposure. Below are some key insights uncovered in the days following the jury's ruling.

Unprecedented News

With unprecedented news stories comes an overwhelming volume of media. Truescope found compelling insights in the politically divided media exposure. This shared analysis examines the very unique nature of the coverage surrounding the Trump Hush Money Trial and unveils some hidden narratives that shaped public perception.

Unraveling the Political Divide

The unprecedented outcomes from Trump's guilty verdicts propogated through media channels, triggering a surge in coverage among traditional news and higher than normal social media engagement. Truescope's Spike Alerts has the potential to forewarn clients of the impending media storm, offering a crucial lifeline to clients when navigating a media crisis situation. The peaks in the Trump coverage, as shown below, could have triggered instant alerts when news volume, impressions, or even social engagement exceeded an average benchmark or threshhold.

Media Coverage Over Time

Decoding Rhetoric: "Rule of Law" Amidst Chaos

Amidst thousands of global media mentions, the phrase "Rule of Law" emerged as a central motif, used differently by opposing parties. Truescope's analysis can show the sentiment and engagement metrics of a topic, in this case shedding light on the ideological battlegrounds shaping public discourse between the two primary political parties in the United States. The chart below shows the Democrats were far more likely to site the Rule of Law in their news and social shares [UPDATE: The use of this phrase has become balanced in the past 12 hours, with Republicans now using this phrase more frequently].

Share of Mentions

Unveiling the Faces Behind the Headlines

From political stalwarts to unexpected figures, the saga surrounding Trump's convictions pulled a diverse cast of characters into its orbit. Truescope's comprehensive analysis unveils the primary personalities driving the narrative and their nuanced roles in the unfolding story. Some names are obvious and necessary, while others were found to be implicated as a means of creating constrast. Having access to Natural Language Processing to extract these insights helps users identify key players in a story. Additionally, seeing how the names are used provides the context professional communicators need to refine or revise a communications strategy.

Top 10 Personalities Mentioned


As the 2024 Presidential Election looms on the horizon,Truescope remains steadfast in its commitment to analyzing media narratives and delivering actionable insights to clients.

Whether you're a political strategist navigating the complexities of a high-stakes campaign or a corporate entity monitoring its public perception, the lessons gleaned from our media analysis show the value in the media, and also the potential risk for those not attending to the media... knowledge is power, as they say.

For our clients across industries, including political campaigns, corporate entities, and beyond, Truescope's insights serve as a compass in guiding strategic decision-making amidst an overwhelming media cycle. Explore our Media Alerts & Reports page to learn how Truescope can empower your organization with timely, actionable insights.

For more information on managing media exposure and creating actionable insights contact Truescope today.

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