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Truescope – Taking Luck Out of Media Monitoring and Insights in 2024

By Todd Murphy, President Truescope

The start of a new year always reminds me to consider the trusted vendors that help me serve our great media monitoring and PR insights clients. With public relations and corporate communications, this has historically been a season of reflection as well. 2024 is no different, except it is the year after we've experience amazing growth with the industries’ newest technology and platform in North America, Truescope

Each year, communication professionals consider who’s providing their media intelligence and insights, and a consistent theme emerges: the imperative to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in news monitoringand public relations analysis

With over 30 years of experience in leading our media monitoring services and analysis innovations, as well as presiding over all our global trade associations, I've concluded that for most clients, the options used in 2023 still have not met the expectations of professional communicators.

The contemporary PR professional faces a complex role. It encompasses not only adeptly navigating and engaging within a diverse media environment but also rigorously tracking and assessing the impact of communications efforts in ways that align with stakeholder expectations. This challenge is intensified by the increasingly segmented nature of the media landscape. In this context, Truescope emerges as a pivotal ally, providing robust support in this dynamic sector, especially in the fields of news monitoring and public relations analysis.

In 2023, Truescope unveiled a series of enhancements and innovations, crafted to bolster PR teams as they transition into 2024. These developments are noteworthy, though not exhaustive.

Truescope Media Itelligence

Media Monitoring and Analysis Enhancements:

Truescope has emerged with powerful news and media monitoring services, empowering brands, agencies, institutions, and PR agencies to pinpoint significant media mentions, gain critical industry insights, and keep a vigilant eye on competition across diverse platforms, including print, broadcast, online and social media. news, blogs, social media comments. Some notable innovations from 2023 include:

•    AI Directed Search Strategy Creation: This tool enables users to rapidly deploy extremely accurate and relevant queries on their own and as needed. This tool has solved the problem of wasted time caused by irrelevant media mentions and meaningless insight from an abundance of bad hits.

•    More Content and Insights: With additional media feeds, aggregation of content, and sources, Truescope finds more mentions from more sources.

•    Enhanced Broadcast Clips: Advanced editing and distribution of broadcast media segments to stakeholders, complete with full transcripts and source citations.

•    Greater Flexibility for Themed Output: Truescope’s integrated newsletter builder, platform theme options, and Dashboard customizations, your output can directly reflect your brand or client’s brand.

•    Integration of External Content: This capability to incorporate external mentions and articles through our simple interface allows Truescope clients to add almost any available content.

Advanced Spike Alerts and Immediate Mention Reports: Our ability to leverage your media mention benchmarks and interests into a statistical threshold for generating immediate email alerts, ensures your communication team is alerted the moment an issue is mentioned or exceeds your normal earned media exposure. Our crisis management and risk management clients have been drawn to this tool like bees to honey.

AI-Driven PR Solutions:

Truescope is the cutting edge of innovation, leveraging AI, natural language processing, new generation sentiment analysis, and creating metadata never before available to professional communicators. Our additional data, tags, and categorization allows you to refine communication strategies for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Without the legacy technology our competitors have to maintain, Truescope can redefine the entire code base used to deliver immediate innovation.

Tailored Media Briefings, Reports and Newsletters:

Customizable and personalized deliverables contain improved content summarization in a format that can be organized with a variety of content blocks. You can have your index at the top, bottom, or not all. Icons, logos, colors, summaries, sizing, metadata, media types, and more can all be customized… or simply use our client-centric template and let us customize it for you.

Media Research, Engagement, and Influencer Trends:

Truescope's embedded Media Engagement technology and author analysis helps our user’s surface and target key influencers, sources, and potential message points. Targeted research like this takes the older “spray and pray” tactic out of your set of necessary tools. With so many broadly distributed media releases failing to find real coverage, targeted insights is the way of NOW, not the way of the future.

Advanced Reporting Made Easy:

In the realm of PR or communication management, effective reporting is crucial for illustrating the impact of communication efforts. Truescope's reporting functionalities offers the greatest flexibility in designing a meaningful insights dashboard and reports. All of which can be output and analyzed internally or produced as a boardroom ready summary easily read be even the CEO.

Ease of Use and Support:

Acknowledging the value of time, Truescope has created its platform to truly save time with its “two-click to results” objective. Finally, there’s a media intelligence platform that makes it easy to find what you need, quickly generate insights, and move on to your mission critical tasks. Furthermore, the on-platform help center, with short videos for all critical tasks, lets you easily answer nearly any question. But we are a client-centric service with your own dedicated Client Success Manager and real-time chat support, ensuring you never have to wait for an answer. Frankly, if you’re really pressed for time, we might just do it for you. Exceeding Expectations is one of our core values.

As we move into 2024, it’s great to see our users have finally found a solution that delivers on all the promises of the past, while continuing to develop client-centric innovations that are defining media intelligence. For those not currently using Truescope, but considering their options in this new year, we really should talk. Feel free to contact me directly if you want to hear these words directly or fill out our Contact Form to get a free report and schedule a customized demo.


I would normally toast to your good luck in the new year, but with Truescope I feel like we’re taking luck out of the equation. Cheers!

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