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Three tips to make your monitoring solution work harder for you

Three tips to make your monitoring solution work harder for you

By Kelvin Koh, Truescope Singapore Commercial Director

Whether you are in PR, Comms, Marketing, Intelligence, Research or any other job function, the most effective way to manage, protect and promote your business’ reputation is through real-time and relevant information and insights to achieve your communications objectives.

Just like ensuring you make your money work for you- a Media Monitoring service is an investment that you should ensure works for you.

Whether you are using Truescope or another supplier, here are three tips to get the most out of your media investment:

  1. Communicate your Objectives
  • Your vendors have a wealth of knowledge and best practices they can share with you, but you need to communicate the purpose of monitoring or the end-use of a deliverable.
  • Knowing whether it's (i) ROI tracking; (ii) Reputation Management; (iii) Crisis Detection; or (iv) Fake News Detection, will affect the type of setup your monitoring partner should provide you.
  • The vendor needs to match your objectives, workflow, cadence, media outlets and parameters to cover.
  • For example, competitor analysis for strategic purposes may be better done with a monthly analysis, rather than a daily newsletter.
  1. Optimise your Media Channels
  • Having too many irrelevant media channels may crowd out the key items that should be addressed. Too few media channels may affect your ROI. Tell your vendors what matters to you, again with your objectives in mind.
  • Local expertise within the monitoring partner is crucial as they can advise you on what channels to monitor, as well as translate keywords and process vernacular results. This is crucial if you are focusing on Asian markets where there are local media platforms and English may be a second language.
  • For example, for Reputation Management, you may want to trim down your monitoring lists so you don’t get news aggregators or tier 2/3 media which may not be of concern to you, creating false alarms and skewing figures.
  1. Future-proof your Media Performance
  • The media landscape changes every minute, and it is important for brand owners to know where their stakeholders are going, as well as which social platform your brand may want to have a presence on.
  • Not just being able to track new, upcoming platforms (For example, TikTok, Discord, Truth Social, Clubhouse, Caffeine, Polywork), but also whether they can keep up with features within evergreen social media platforms (For example, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, Instagram Reels, Twitter Spaces).
  • Choose a provider, like Truescope, that demonstrates an ability to be abreast of these trends and is able to adapt quickly to monitor them for you.

It’s important to remember that one size or solution will not fit all, but there will be a best solution for your unique, individual needs. Let’s have a chat to see if Truescope is the right fit for your organisation. To contact our team today, visit

Truescope surfaces real-time media insights and business intelligence for organisations around the world. The company was founded in 2019 by a team of media intelligence experts. Its mission is to simplify the analysis and reporting of comprehensive media analytics, backed by AI and user-friendly technology with exceptional customer service. Truescope has offices in New York, Sydney, and Singapore. For more information, please visit:

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