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The Value of Truescope as a PRSA Partner

In April, Truescope provided support to the Public RelationsSociety of America’s Counselors Academy (PRSA) through sponsorship and conversations. As one of the newest innovative media monitoring services in the United States, our support of the public relations industry is important. Our sponsorship and attendance at recent events was led by two of our top executives in the United States, Rick Lombardo,  SVP of Media Intelligence and Todd Murphy --that’s me,  President of Truescope in North America.  As an official Industry Partner to PRSA, we are able to more broadly lend our support to PR practitioners by joining the professional communicators in person.

Remote and hybrid events are good, one might say the silver lining to come out of the pandemic. But I've repeatedly been told how much better it is to see a live demonstration. Attendees and peers have mentioned to us how much more they can learn through a conversation, in-person, rather than a structured sales demo. It seems a discussion may be more effecient than a script.

Truescope staff are PRSA members

Opinions on event sponsorship and vendor participation often lead to both parties asking, "What is the ROI and is it worth it?" Truescope finds great value in sponsoring events for several reasons, but we also feel we provide good value to the events we support. For example,

Benefits we enjoy 

1. The informal conversations where people really share their ideas and dreams for their clients.

2. Ideas that come from professional communicators when they start a sentence with, "You know what would be great?"

3. The rush we get when our answer to the question above is, "Well actually, we have that!"

4. Hearing the pains PR pros share, then using that information to continue our quest to build the best media monitoring service.

Benefits we offer PRSA Events

1. Of course there's the money! The money helps PRSA teams create great learning events at a larger scale.

2. A populated exhibition area for PR practitioners to see and learn about game-changing opportunities.

3. Industry experts that can provide deep knowledge on managing and analyzing earned media exposure.

4. Great coffee cups and gum (It's kind of our thing). Every conference serves coffee and minty fresh gum facilitates better conversations.

Truescope media monitoring is a Industry Partner to PRSA

For Truescope, our reason for wanting to support groups like PRSA is clear. We work hard, every day, to be the media intelligence service clients love to use. The reasons to love Truescope, in my opinion, are many.

First, clients are more likely to choose a vendor that speaks to them like a professional partner, not a Qualified Lead.  We know that only our honesty, accurate solutions, and long-term commitment to our clients will earn loyalty.
Second, we know the only way to retain clients is to provide a level of dedicated support that’s truly quick to act when help is needed. No delays in responses to our clients, only honest and direct answers.
Third, we have found that a great place to find the kind of clients we want to do business with are at events. These are the people actively learning, sharing, and bettering their profession. Great people tend to congregate in places where improving themselves and their businesses is possible. These are the people we want to work with.

For these reasons, Truescope has become an official Industry Partner to PRSA. We are people there to help PR pros work more efficiently and effectively. I believe we have integrated the best content, tools, and artificial intelligence so Truescope clients can work faster, better, and focus more ontheir own mission-critical tasks. But it’s the people at Truescope that make usthe best media monitoring service in North America. From our developers to ourSuccess Team, our people want to help other people, and that seems to be awinning solution. We look forward to seeing you.

Get to know the media monitoring service clients love to use

Truescope delivers comprehensive media monitoring and media analysis across all media types. Truescope has become the media monitoring service clients now use to see their communications world more clearly.
No Limiting Restrictions: Truescope doesn’t limit clients to a fixed number of searches or users and allows subscribers the ability to build their own queries for real-time results.
More Results / Less Noise: Our comprehensive approach to monitoring all media, from online news and social media, to traditional print and broadcast media, delivers a uniquely integrated solution for our clients.
Brand Tracking or Reputation Management: Regardless of your mission, Truescope provides the flexibility, tools and media analytics to meet all applications for public relations and corporate communications.
Customized Dashboards and Reports: By using the latest technology in the industry, Truescope lets you see your world more clearly.
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