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The media intelligence glossary

If you’re brand new to media intelligence, or you just want to brush up on the terminology, then here’s the list you need, with one new edition you might not have heard before.

Truescope is built to be best in class which means, we’re changing the game. Media Intelligence covers most of what the Truescope platform can do but as we continue to add functionality and features we are moving into the CommsTech space.

Here’s to the future!


Dashboards make it easy to visualise and understand large volumes of information by displaying it in an easy to read table, chart, or map format.

You can customise your Truescope Dashboard to see trends, get an overview of a team's performance, or spot a problem or opportunity that needs attention.

Entity Sentiment Analysis

Truescope is able to offer a much more accurate view of sentiment in relation to your specific areas of interest. As well as giving you the overall sentiment score for a story, we also provide the sentiment expressed about the people, organisations, and places within the text.  We highlight this detail to provide a more explicit view on the attitudes and opinions that could affect your brand.

Comprehensive Data

It’s important to have access to a range of data sources so Truescope provides comprehensive social and mainstream data. The integration of social data such as who is talking about a brand online and mainstream data like trends around what’s being said more widely in media about a particular industry, provides users with greater insights which are easy to understand and are therefore actionable.

Geo Data

On the platform you have the option to subscribe to a range of broad and comprehensive geographic data sets to perform queries against. For example all Australian/Singaporean media.

People, organisations, and locations

Entity Analysis is the process of detecting known entities like public figures, organisations, or landmarks from a given text. Entity detection is very helpful for organising content and being able to visualise and compare their prominence in the media.


These feature within the Truescope platform and allow you to create saved searches using a selection of terms and filters.

Sentiment Analysis

At Truescope, we use world-class Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyse the text within a media item and identify the emotional words used to determine an author's attitude i.e positive, negative. Sentiment analysis is used by communication professionals to understand how customers feel about elements of their business to better inform communication strategy, improve their reputation, and influence brand perception.


Feeds are a pre-curated delivery of information, aligned to an industry or issue and delivered to your Inbox. We deliver real-time industry insights, curated by Truescope Industry Analysts and presented in easy to read dashboards that surface information affecting an organisation's business environment.


Using world-class AI and NLP technology, Topics are derived by looking at clusters of text found in an article or post to understand the overall topics being discussed.


The selection of features available through your subscription. It is possible to have access to more than one Workspace. You can flick between available Workspaces in Your Profile area.


The only definition for this is Truescope.

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