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PR Efficiency with Truescope – Customize your media monitoring

In the world of Public Relations, where staying ahead of the news and trends is a priority, having the right tools at your fingertips can be a game-changer. Truescope surpasses the existing options by offering a news monitoring and insights solution that gives unparalleled customization. With the power of artificial intelligence, and a team of experienced communication pros for support, our clients get their public relations insights any way they want it.

One of the most significant challenges PR professionals face today are the limitations imposed by news monitoring vendors. By restricting the number of searches, user quotas and media sources, other services can restrain a customer’s ability to gather comprehensive media results and analytics in an easily consumed manner.

  • Truescope sets itself apart with a completely aligned technology stack and a seamlessly integrated platform, offering a level of flexibility that transforms the client’s entire experience from the moment you log onto the platform.
  • At its core, Truescope serves as an invaluable ally for PR professionals, skillfully guiding them through the daily flow of news content and precisely identifying the most relevant news with remarkable speed and accuracy. By harnessing this power through smart technology, not only does Truescope save valuable time, but it also guarantees that each insight distinctly represents a client’s narrative. The platform’s customization capabilities extend beyond AI-driven content curation.
  • With tailored inbox settings and feeds, adaptable insight dashboards, real-time alerts, comprehensive and customizable coverage reports, Truescope empowers clients to design their monitoring tools to their needs with unparalleled precision, all while removing the unnecessary clutter that bogs down conventional monitoring methods.
  • Collaboration in PR is key. However, many monitoring solutions limit the number of users, hindering such teamwork. Truescope recognizes this and provides the tools and necessary access your team needs to collaborate, manage, and analyze your coverage in real-time. What’s more, as your PR initiatives grow, Truescope scales with you, ensuring that your customized news monitoring setup remains efficient and effective.
  • With Truescope, you have control of the search terms, the mix of media, the flexibility to set any number of parameters, all at your fingertips and with the smartest technology that continues to evolve as your needs change.

In a world where information moves at the speed of light, PR professionals need an edge that’s fast, smart, and completely adaptable. Truescope delivers those benefits by dismantling the limitations inherent in other platforms. With Truescope as your media intelligence platform, you can truly see your world more clearly, and get it the way you wanted.

Get to know the media monitoring service clients love to use

Truescope delivers comprehensive media monitoring and media analysis across all media types. Truescope has become the media monitoring service clients now use to see their communications world more clearly.
No Limiting Restrictions: Truescope doesn’t limit clients to a fixed number of searches or users and allows subscribers the ability to build their own queries for real-time results.
More Results / Less Noise: Our comprehensive approach to monitoring all media, from online news and social media, to traditional print and broadcast media, delivers a uniquely integrated solution for our clients.
Brand Tracking or Reputation Management: Regardless of your mission, Truescope provides the flexibility, tools and media analytics to meet all applications for public relations and corporate communications.
Customized Dashboards and Reports: By using the latest technology in the industry, Truescope lets you see your world more clearly.
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