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Jim Collishaw Joins Truescope with Govt Media Monitoring Focus

Truescope, the fastest growing provider of media intelligence solutions in North America, is proud to announce the addition of Jim Collishaw as Vice President of Government Sales. Jim brings a wealth of experience in the media intelligence industry and will be a great asset in leading our local, state, and federal government business development team.

“I am thrilled to join the Truescope team and help organizations and agencies unlock the power of media intelligence,” said Jim Collishaw. “I look forward to helping clients create solutions that will alert them to trends and insights they were not aware of.”

Jim has been in the media intelligence industry for nearly 20 years, leading teams in US Sales, Government Sales, and Enterprise Sales for other media intelligence providers. Jim's prior experience includes extended roles within the industry at Vocus, Lexis/Nexis, Moreover, and Quorum. He has a passion for creating solutions for new clients because it allows him to develop that complete answer, and now with Truescope he can not only alert them to their media coverage, but proactively deliver insights and surface emerging trends.

Jim was drawn to Truescope because of the company’s innovative approach to media intelligence and insights. "I witnessed how quickly Truescope was impacting the news monitoring and media analysis industries in a direction that clients have been asking for. By quickly taking advantage of AI, creating tools that are much easier to use, and providing insights you can't get anywhere else, Truescope seemed like a perfect match for my interests."

In his role as Vice President of Government Sales, Jim is excited to make sure great organizations are aware of Truescope’s innovative approach. He is looking forward to digging in and learning what each client finds the most valuable or even what will work best for them, then helping them execute that strategy. Jim said, "I appreciate the Truescope approach in identifying client's strategic objectives, then creating a platform that let's them achieve those goals."

Jim believes that Truescope is nimble enough to take advantage of the exploding technology and can translate that into ease of use and extreme value for clients. Truescope is excited to have Jim join the team and we look forward to the impact he will have on clients needing more from their media intelligence provider.

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