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How marcomms pros can optimise ROI on TikTok

How marcomms professionals can optimise ROI on TikTok

By Kelvin Koh, Commercial Director, Truescope Singapore

In the third quarter of 2021, TikTok reached one billion users. It took just five years to do so - that’s faster than competitors like Facebook and Instagram, which both reached one billion users eight years after launching.

TikTok is now one of the top three social media platforms globally and its prolific growth is set to continue with the platform expected to reach 1.8 billion users by the end of 2022.

The increasingly important commercial channel has been recently fully integrated into the Truescope platform, giving marcomms professionals the opportunity to truly capitalise on the fastest growing social network of 2022. Here’s how:

1. Discover trends in real time

Truescope allows marcomms professionals to track not only profiles, but hashtags too. By using keywords such as #Singapore, #FYPSG, #foryouSG, #TikTokSG and #Sgnews, amongst others, Truescope surfaces the trending posts associated with the relevant hashtags in real time, allowing you to capture trending topics and issues. You’ll therefore have an advantage to strategise an approach to get your brand, company or organisation involved in trends, and even become early adopters, trendsetters and gather maximum engagement.

2. Conduct deep competitor analysis

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I think the same can be said about your competitors! Truescope gives marcomms professionals the ability to develop a rich competitor analysis across the TikTok landscape. You can track competitor pages and ingest every single post of your competitors’ into your dashboard, giving you distinct insights through capabilities that allow for share of voice (SOV) comparison, tracking historical data, as well as insight and sentiment into the key narratives of opinions shared. Not only that, but Truescope’s proprietary analytics means you can discover what type of content has worked among your competitors, and also what hasn’t. This gives you the opportunity to learn from your competitors’ successes and failures, and put you on the front foot to creating your next winning comms strategy.

3. Make informed decisions by looking at the most meaningful metrics

Instead of focussing on a singular metric, marcomms professionals need to look at a range of metrics to understand the wider impact for a brand, company or organisation. Be the most informed person in the room by taking into consideration aspects like engagement to understand exactly how consumers are feeling and interacting with a story. Gain insight to the overall score of sentiment at the article level, or sentiment at the key phrase or entity level. These insights will help you to gauge whether audiences are resonating with content on the platform, or if it’s missing the mark. They’ll also help you to make informed decisions on whether your brand should participate in trending content based on if it will have the right impact on your target audience.  

4. Reach new audiences

By staying informed of what is being said about a brand, company or organisation on TikTok, marcomms professionals might discover a whole new audience on the platform. You might find your brand has quite the dedicated community on TikTok which you hadn’t known about, or your comms activity might not have reached yet. This provides you with an opportunity to re-evaluate your communication strategy, and if you’re not already using TikTok, integrate it into your brand strategy so you can engage with your audience, create original content and ultimately further help to build your audience.

Like any social platform, monitoring TikTok should be a key component of your communications strategy alongside monitoring of traditional mainstream media. As one of the first to bring TikTok monitoring into the integrated media intelligence space, Truescope gives marcomms professionals the ability to optimise their ROI on TikTok and use insights to drive results that will truly better inform communications.

To talk to our team about TikTok integration on Truescope or add the accounts and hashtags of interest to your coverage, contact us today.

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