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Be alerted to increases in your media coverage, with Spike Alerts

Be alerted to unusual increases in your media coverage, with new Spike Alerts

By Sarah Phillips, Truescope CX and Product Lead

Organizations today have a constant stream of content onto their media intelligence platforms due to the 24/7 digital news and social media cycle. For many marketing and communications professionals, this includes multiple brands and large volumes of coverage. Being the first to know about escalating issues early-on, well-before they become full-blown crises, or knowing about a campaign as it starts to gain success, may have until now seemed like mission impossible. But Truescope’s latest innovation, Spike Alerts, does just that.

Imagine you have just launched a product or campaign and you’re waiting for it to take off. Perhaps you’ve written an exceptional blog that you just know is going to stimulate conversations and lift your audience. Or, less positively, there’s an issue gaining traction regarding your brand, organization or key person that needs your immediate attention. Until now, communicators have been under-armed to know about unusual increases in coverage as-it-happens, but with Spike Alerts, you’re notified of changing or unusually high volumes of potential impressions or coverage (and soon to come, social engagement!) in real time as they reach a certain benchmark or conditions are met. By being immediately notified of content outside of ordinary levels, you’ll be on the front foot to review and communicate campaign successes, to capitalize on a conversation at an advantageous point or to course correct to avoid a potential viral crisis.

Developed with the understanding that notifications across many apps have become fatiguing and often don’t warrant our immediate and urgent attention, with Spike Alerts, you’re in control of identifying what counts when it comes to alert notifications. In setting up Spike Alerts, you can easily visualize typical volumes that match your conditions, and place the threshold for the Spike Alert above this level. It’s a simple and fast process that includes setting specific filters to ensure tight relevance of your alert.

Gini Dietrich, CEO and Founder of Spin Sucks, has more than 20 years experience in reputation and crisis management, and says Spike Alerts are game-changing, “An increase in conversations or impressions of a media item is a strong indicator of an escalating crisis. To have an alert in the palm of your hand and be able to click through to immediately check out the what and the why, is incredibly powerful and reassuring".

At Truescope we’re constantly innovating our platform with our clients in mind, and in the last 12 months alone we have rolled out nine new tech releases, delivering new features and major improvements to our clients’ service. Our cloud-based and purpose built software enables us to regularly deliver new features that directly impact our clients’ abilities to do their jobs better. Spike Alerts are just one part of the Truescope picture, and of our commitment to making the platform smart, intuitive and useful. We have some more exciting features in the pipeline that we’ll be sharing very soon.

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