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An overnight success, 30 years in the making

An overnight success, 30 years in the making

By John Croll

Three years ago, I caught up with my good friend and one of the sharpest tech-minds I know, Michael Bade, who I had worked with for many years in the media intelligence industry. I wanted to float some ideas around the changing needs of communications professionals, and the solutions that potentially lay in new tech.  Fortunately, he was on the same page and less than a month later we incorporated Truescope as co-founders.

Truescope was born with a clear purpose, to better inform communications, and we do this via a SaaS platform which provides accurate, timely and data-driven insights which communicators can rely upon to make the best decisions. It’s a legacy-free, purpose built and comprehensive platform that we are passionately shaping to be the future of media intelligence.

And I’m proud to say Truescope has achieved some pretty amazing things in our short life. Over the last few  years, we’ve:

  • Built an SaaS platform with leading next gen tech and leading AI capabilities
  • Secured a passionate team of developers and product specialists
  • Developed content agreements with global media companies
  • Consistently delivered monthly product releases, with 25 successfully rolled out in total
  • Launched and achieved yearly growth of 220% in the Singapore and New Zealand markets
  • Successfully partnered with leading enterprise brands and government ministries
  • Recently celebrated a 100% contract renewal rate since launching in Singapore, and;
  • Raised AU$6.2 million seed capital to accelerate our innovation pipeline and launch in the USA

We decided to launch in the USA as our research has shown that communicators are highly frustrated with their current service offerings and have a need, and want for a forward-thinking, comprehensive media intelligence service that will help them take better advantage of communications technology. We have a fantastic team in the USA in place, who, like many of our current employees, have walked in the shoes of communicators and deeply understand their needs. It’s an exciting path we’re on, bringing the Truescope platform and its advantages to the world.

Truescope’s success hasn’t come easy. Our market launch coincided with the start of the pandemic, which was not in our business plan! But we have employed over 40 of the most intelligent and all-round great people who are dedicated to our purpose. Working across countries and cultures, we are universally inspired by the endless possibilities of tech, and it really pleases me to see how passionate our developers and wider team are about innovating to tackle challenges and build a media intelligence solution with tomorrow in mind.

What’s next for Truescope? We’ll continue to better inform communications and push the boundaries on what media intelligence should be. If the last three years are anything to go by, there will be many more celebratory moments to come.  Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the Truescope journey to date and here’s to the next three.

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