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Meet George Felice, Chief Revenue Officer, Truescope North America

It’s his rich career in tech, media and sales, as well as his determination and drive (sprinkled with a side of humor!) that has positioned George Felice as one of the most respected media sales executives, leading him to his new leadership role with Truescope.

George has more than 25 years’ experience working with customers at global brands, Fortune 500s, law firms, nonprofits and agencies, including his roles at Video Monitoring Service (VMS) and The NewsMarket, now part of Definition 6. In his strategic selling roles, George has worked at businesses with strong SaaS offerings including Bloomberg, Inovia and Disco.

George is at his best when he’s working closely with customers to identify their biggest business problems, and diving deep to develop the right solution. The opportunity to immerse himself in what he loves most is what drew him to join our team as Chief Revenue Officer at Truescope North America.

Hi George, thanks for your time! For those who haven’t virtually met you yet, can you share more about your background and a career highlight from your 25+ years in the industry?

It’s a pleasure, and certainly! I’ve spent half of my career selling into the media space, including media monitoring solutions and I also spent a few years distributing multimedia content. The more recent half of my career, I’ve worked closely with customers in two areas - a strong focus on providing SaaS solutions to meet their needs, and also legal services. I am passionate about what I do and take pride in providing an unmatched service to customers, so a career highlight is achieving top performer at numerous companies I’ve worked for, and also selling some of the largest deals, including one that caught the eye of Mike Bloomberg.

You’ve been helping businesses for more than 25 years. What has changed dramatically in the CX experience over this time, and what has remained the same?

First and foremost, technology has been one of the greatest changes. It has provided the ability for customers to essentially ‘self-serve’ - you can get to what you want online with simply a device and a wifi login. The speed of information, globally, also means customers can access information in real-time, so they’re more aware and informed than ever before. In saying this, what’s remained the same is that customers still have a need to be heard and cared for. If businesses aren’t listening to their customers and providing an end-to-end CX experience, the chances of selling and retaining customers is reduced.

What excites you most about working with the Truescope team?

When I got the call about the opportunity to join the Truescope team, I was excited to bring to the table my sales knowledge and lead the team. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to be on this journey with - smart, kind, nimble and hardworking.  Not to mention the product, the Truescope platform has been described by many clients as beautiful and attractive! In terms of functionality, it’s easy to use and all-encompassing. Customers want one place to find, measure, analyze and report on what they need and from a sales perspective, Truescope truly hits, and exceeds, the mark. 

When it comes to media intelligence, it’s not just communications and PR professionals that can benefit from solutions like Truescope. Do you agree?

Absolutely. Media intelligence and staying abreast of what’s being said across online, social and traditional media, being alerted to trends within a certain industry, and being able to identify influencers (to name a few), are absolutely vital to many verticals within organizations. For example, part of my success during my seven years at Bloomberg was using their legal research platform to set up alerts on every customer in my portfolio. Setting alerts for their businesses specifically, their industry and competitors meant my customers were equipped with the information they needed.

When you’re not leading the team at Truescope, you’re leading on the field - can you tell us more about this?

I’ve started coaching soccer. It’s a challenge, but I love sharing my knowledge, providing advice and solutions on how to improve certain skills - it’s actually not too different from leading sales teams. I also actively play soccer and basketball. I have an Argentinian background and was raised in Buenos Aires from ages 5-10, so my favorite team is the Argentina National Football Team. My favorite player is the one and only, Maradona - he had skills of all time, plus tenacity! I really enjoy playing sport as it keeps the mind clear and in balance, and is an activity I can enjoy with my family too. On the weekend you’ll often find me with my family at their soccer games.

What’s an activity that you recommend to someone who hasn’t been to New York City?

I’m all about the sport so when the Knicks Basketball team is good, I recommend going to Madison Square Garden (MSG) to feel the energy and watch a game - it’s magic. But, only second to watching Boca Juniors Soccer Club play in Buenos Aires at the Bombonera.

Thanks George, we look forward to speaking with you again soon!

Looking forward to it. In the meantime, if anyone in the North American market would like more information on Truescope and how we can help better inform your communications, please reach out to me directly at 917-678-3891 and

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