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A minute with Meg Crumbine, President of Truescope, North America

Meet Meg Crumbine. Her deep experience working with early-stage companies, building teams, and a customer-obsessed mindset made her the perfect choice to lead Truescope’s entry into North America earlier this year.

Meg has spent the past 15 years in marketing and communications, but her career started in media intelligence. She was part of a small team that launched and scaled VMS (Video Monitoring Services) from under $1M to $40M in yearly revenue to become the world’s largest broadcast intelligence company of its time. Meg worked with countless Fortune 500 companies, public relations agencies, global NGOs, and government entities. She has previously served on the board for Women Executives in Public Relations, PRSA-NY (Public Relations Society of America, New York), and has been a judge for many communications awards programs.

She is a fierce advocate for gender equity and a proud member of Chief.

In this piece, Meg shares her insights about her role at Truescope, the future of the comms industry, and her attendance at this year’s AMEC (International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication) Summit in Vienna.

Q: It’s been a monumental time for Truescope with its expansion into the US this year. What are you most enjoying about leading the Truescope team and what do you hope to achieve?

Joining Truescope at this point in its expansion is exciting indeed, especially in a market as big as the US. Our experienced team is delighted to bring such a strong product to the communications industry which has been woefully underserved for so long by our competitors. I am most excited about how Truescope is helping corporate communicators prove their full value to the C-suite. Truescope gives corporate communicators critical insights in real time, from millions of media sources, in ways that can be easily shared with the relevant stakeholders. These media insights combined with their strategic guidance is what makes corporate communicators the real super-heroes.

Q: You attended this year's AMEC summit, and in her address at the summit, Merita Smakaj, Director Strategic Analytics and Insights, Novartis, stated “Communications Value Proposition: We build and manage trust and reputation, shape external environments and build strong audiences with owned and 3rd party advocates”. Do you agree with this statement, and if so, what’s the important takeaway here?

The role of corporate communications has been growing for many years, and it has never been more important to the performance and growth of the organization. Many do not understand the complexity, interconnectivity, and skill sets required to navigate all of the areas necessary for a strong communications value proposition. When done well it looks effortless, but in reality it takes an extraordinary amount of research, planning, and the right leadership to build.

Q:  A key theme at the AMEC summit was around data - how it’s the glue binding stakeholders together, breaking down silos and assisting business decision making to solve problems. How can media intelligence providers, such as Truescope, capitalize on the increasing importance of data throughout organizations, beyond marketing and comms?

Data is really just information by another name and the metrics around that data tell important stories. Both are necessary to drive smart business decisions. The information that Truescope provides is media intelligence. We deliver this intelligence via real-time alerts, media briefing reports, and dashboards - all easily customized to deliver the information relevant to each stakeholder. We see a broad range of stakeholders relying on media intelligence to inform them about issues, competitive moves, brand performance and more. The days of using media intelligence to solely measure outcomes are over. Our customers are using our data for planning and strategy across the organization. This use will only accelerate over time as organizations realize that media intelligence can be accessed effortlessly by all its stakeholders, in a highly-nuanced, real-time way.

Q: You’re a big advocate for equality and diversity in the workplace, and are particularly passionate about gender equality. What do you think the comms industry needs to do to achieve greater gender equality in the profession, and will we get there?

As we know the majority of the communications workforce is women and yet men out-number women in leadership roles starting at the VP level. A 2021 study by PRovoke Media, shows that men still dominate in the highest levels. As a result, the gender pay gap widens as well. In the same study, the average salaries reported by white men were $119,556, white women were $83,635, non-white men were $76,468 and non-white women were $65,379. To address these discrepancies, a few things need to happen: working mothers need more flexibility in their jobs, and working fathers need to share more equally in childcare. In terms of closing the pay gap, there needs to be full transparency on salaries and frequent audits to make sure there is equity across the board.

Q: If you weren’t in a career in communications and media intelligence, you’d be…?

Probably something to do with the performing arts. My parents exposed my siblings and me to a wide range of live music, theater and dance from an early age. Not only do I love the arts, but believe they play an important part in the economic, emotional and cultural health of society.

Q: New York is known as one of the most creative and dynamic cities in the world. What are some of the must do’s that really show off the city’s arts culture?

I would suggest Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side. It is a veritable cornucopia of performing arts: dance, opera, theater, classical music, jazz and film. Broadway as well obviously. And for visual arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Q: What do you like to do in your down time?

I will let you know when I have some. ;-)

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