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We are assembling a talented team so our clients can be better informed in their communications. We are passionate about information. 

News and social media platforms have a massive effect on brands, reputations, corporate decisions and government policy.  That’s why we are re-inventing the media intelligence experience; it will be fast, comprehensive and intelligent so our customers will be confident and informed.

At Truescope, you will change the future of media intelligence.

Accelerate your understanding of the world

Highly relevant, real-time media insights to better inform your communications strategy, investment decisions and reputational tracking.

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We are looking for full stack and machine learning software engineers based in our development hub at the University of Wollongong, Innovation Campus.  We work in a fast-paced environment where you will play an important role in building and implementing the world’s best media intelligence platform. If that sounds interesting to you, then please apply to become part of the team. 

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When we started Truescope, before we even named the company, we penned a set of values to act as our guide. These values reflect who we work with, how we treat each other, our customers, our communities, and what we do everyday.


Our purpose is complex, so a team with differing skills, backgrounds and experience is needed to unlock the insights.  We look for people who thrive in a team environment.

Pushing Boundaries

We are not looking to follow, we push boundaries to see what’s there, we want to discover new services, ideas and ways of doing important things.

Giving Back

We acknowledge it is important to give back.  To our communities and our fellow employees.

Enjoy What We Do

Our work is not always easy, so it is important to all of us that we enjoy what we are doing.  We enjoy our work, working with our fellow employees and what we deliver for our clients.
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If you would like to come on the journey with Truescope as we change Media Intelligence, then provide us with your details and you will get early access to the platform.
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